Who We Are

The Haji Hussein Group (HHG) is a budding multi-sector enterprise committed to building durable partnerships with local communities. We strongly believe the key to success on the African market is community, knowledge, creativity and adaptation. Our versatile approach to business means we operate across several sectors including; agriculture, distribution and frankincense.

The company continues to pay homage to its heritage in the livestock sector, and is currently one of the leading producers of animal fodder in the country. In this respect, the Haji Hussein Group prides itself on providing a vital lifeline to Somalia’s largest export commodity; its livestock.

Under B&H, we are steadily cultivating a reputation as a leader in distributing FMCG, by capitalising on our unique network of contacts garnered through the diversity of our portfolio.

In recent times, the company has sought to further hybridize its profile and move into the lucrative gums and resins sector; which is currently the third highest GPD earner in the country.

The Haji Hussein Group actively seeks to enhance local networks to increase interconnectivity between the rural and urban, the accessible and remote. We aspire to create an environment that demonstrates our dynamic business sense.

what we do

FMCG Distribution

B&H is a distribution company specializing in FMCG. The company prides itself on its vast reach enabled by extensive networks across major cities and rural communities in remote locations.

Essential Oils

Punt Oils is increasingly gaining distinction in the gums and resins sector in Somalia. We have a number of American clientele who sell to perfumery, pharmaceutical, aromatherapy and cosmetic industries


As well as growing fodder at the Al Husseini farm, under the new initiative of SOMGROW; the company is seeking to explore ways to grow fruit and vegetable produce for local consumption.


Our Companies