Our Story

The Haji Hussain Group was founded by the late Haji Hussain Nur Ali. The former was killed in a politically motivated attack at the port of Berbera in 1987- whilst loading livestock onto a Saudi bound ship. Under the concerted efforts of his youngest son, the company has since been revived and resumed trade in 2011.

The company has had extensive involvement in the livestock sector for the past 45 years and is currently one of the leading producers of animal fodder in the country. As we continue to pay respect to the legacy of our founder through honouring the tradition of the livestock trade; we pride ourselves on providing a vital lifeline to Somalia’s largest export commodity- its livestock.

Following shortages of foodstuff supplies from Yemen in 2011/12(due to the ongoing conflict), our keen instinct to seize opportunities has seen us facilely move into the distribution of FMCG. Under B&H Company, we are slowly gaining distinction as a leader in distributing FMCG. In large part, due to our proficiency in utilising our existing networks in our portfolio.

In recent times, the Haji Hussain Group has successfully been able to enter into the exclusive frankincense trade through close business contacts. The frankincense trees only grow within specific regions in Somalia and the trade is often monopolized by clans in those regions.

We currently work in partnership with a UK based distillery to extract pure unadulterated frankincense oil that is then sold onto our clients in the U.S. Conducting trade in this part of the world requires us to continuously balance our passions and ideas with the realities of our landscape. Patience has been a corner stone in our philosophy to doing business here, and as we forge ahead with new and exciting ventures; we remain rooted in the traditions of our founder.