At Puntoils we are able to provide clients with the very best in essential oils of the following varieties; Boswellia Caterii, Boswellia frereana and Myrrh (all of which are exclusively Somali varieties). The distillery we are fortunate to have partnered with is one the best in the industry and utilises old French distillation methods- ensuring no chemicals and additives are used throughout the distillation process. This means our clients can look forward to receiving pure-unadulterated essential oils of the highest standard possible.

Through B&H we provide our costumers with a varied range of fast moving consumer goods. We strive to provide our customers with ample sells periods; giving them the sufficient time required to move goods and mitigate wastage.

At Al Husseini farm, our reputation as one the largest and most reliable providers of animal fodder to the Port of Berbera is well documented. We always seek to give our customers competitive prices; whatever the season.